A New Beginning

Hello All,

As I start my fifth week of classes, I am becoming more and more passionate about what I have chosen to study and what will become my future career.  I have already learned an immense amount of information on Nutrition an Dietetics and am creating this blog to help others figure out healthier eating habits.  I figured if I wrote this blog that it will also help some of the information stick easier if I am putting it into practice!  So heres to new beginnings and expanding my knowledge of something I have come to love so much!

One of the first thing my professor stated which really surprised me was: there is no such thing as a good food or a bad food. I was so confused as to what she meant.  She explained it was about our choices we make.  I once read an article about how our body does not necessarily know we are consuming “bad or good” foods, our body just takes all the nutrients it can from what you eat. When we eat a  piece of pizza, for example, our body does not say “ew” and hate you for eating it, but rather takes all the carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals it can to convert it to energy to sustain us.  Our bodies will still store the left over fats it cannot use, which will eventually build up if you consume pizza regularly. With this being said, diet is all about balance.  Everyday each food group should be consumed to be most beneficial to your body and performance as an individual.

Our body requires six essential nutrients.  Essential meaning that our body must consume these nutrients to be able to function in a proper manner each day.  These nutrients are divided into two subsections: Macronutrients and Micronutrients.  Macronutrients are your Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, and Water.  These are the nutrients you need in larger quantities.  Micronutrients are your Vitamins and Minerals.  These nutrients are needed in smaller quantities, but are still vital for daily intake.  The amount you need varies based on your body weight and height, which supertracker.usda.gov can help with setting up your personal calorie intake based on your weight, height, and physical activity.  Supertracker is paired with choosemyplate.gov so it is a trusted way to figure out a balanced diet for your specific needs.  (Supertracker is free, just create an account!)

I do not want to make these blog entries too long, even though i have hundreds of things to write about!  I’ll definitely try and write about more useful information because like I stated earlier, I am learning so much!  Thanks for reading if you made it all the way through.  Even though college is extremely busy with school work, homework, work, and cheer, I am really loving life at the moment and thank God for leading me here 🙂

Until next time,


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