Off Topic, but Still Essential

I just reread over my last blog post and a thought occurred to me.  As i talked about in my last post how it is imperative for our health that we consume the six essential nutrients on a daily basis, it is also imperative for our spiritual health to “consume” God on a daily basis.  Just like our physical health, we need to take care of and feed our souls with the right stuff for our spiritual health.  Everyone struggles with this, especially me.  Finding time or setting aside time each day to spend time in the Word is ultimately what we are supposed to do, but we often get caught up in things or get distracted to what really matters.  Our time here on Earth is supposed to be dedicated to teaching others about God, and to do that we must know as much as we can possibly know about our Creator.  To maximize our spiritual health we must make time to spend with God and get to know Him better.

Everything this world has to offer is nothing compared to what God has to offer.  Without Him in our lives we truly cannot find love, joy, or contentment.  So to have the healthiest spiritual body we need to study the Bible, go to church weekly, pray as often as possible, and surround ourselves with other people who share the same beliefs.  This will deepen our knowledge and the outcome will surprise you as to how happy you can be with a God-centered life.  GOD IS ESSENTIAL.

Sorry for the random and off topic thoughts, but I hope I can encourage someone through this.  I created this blog to have positive affects on peoples lives, so I am hoping I can achieve that.  If anyone has questions or want to talk about this post please feel free to!




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