Nutrition + Exercise = Balance


I often hear people, mainly coworkers or classmates, saying things like, “ugh I’m so tired of this diet, it’s not working!”  I overhear people talking about these new diets they are trying and how its helped so many people lose weight.  I see these new diet ideas on pinterest and it bothers me so much!  People will follow these new trends and fads because everyone else is doing it and go on and on about, but is it actually healthy and beneficial to your health?  In most cases it is not.

Most of these people are not even doing any exercise and are still expecting dramatic results.  News flash, it takes four to eight weeks with the right foods and exercise for you to see an actual improvement in your body, health, and mental strength.  That means all these trendy diets that guarantee you lose 10 pounds in the first week are wrong factually and could also be hard on your health.  Same thing with exercise programs, it is not likely for a person to lose so much weight in the first few weeks, unless they are severely overweight, and in that case it is all water weight.  When you see commercials like nutrisystem and diets that people like Dr. Oz promotes, just know it is all about the money and business.  They are not worried about helping you live a healthier lifestyle, they just want your money.

I also want to point out that it is impossible to make a program that is supposed to benefit a large amount of people with the same guidelines for everyone.  Every one has a different body type and every ones body works differently so how are these companies and programs going to help you personally lose the weight the way you need to.

Although I focus heavily on nutrition, results will not be as stunning as without exercise.  Get moving.  Exercise is important for you physical and mental health.  Relieve the stress and find workout routines that you will enjoy, you do not always have to go to the gym!  Take your dog for a walk, go for a hike, just get the blood flowing and the heart rate up for a change!

Please, please, please do not buy into these programs and schemes, seek profession help from certified nutritionists and exercise trainers.  These people are experts in their field and will cater to the needs for you individually.  If you are serious about making a change it takes motivation and dedication, and trust me I am aware of the hardships it takes to make the change and stick to it.  Just think about the outcomes of a healthier and longer lifestyle if you do decide to make that change.


(Enjoy that picture of those yummy strawberries)

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