Summer Goals


I did it! I made it through freshman year of college!  My ending grades for this semester may not have been ideal, but hey, I finished the school year with some of my sanity still intact!

I am so relieved that it is finally summer and although I will be taking two online classes during the summer semester, I am overjoyed with the thought of having a break and not having much to accomplish over the span of the break.  I plan to try really hard on my online classes to help bring my GPA back up from this past semester and focus on staying healthy: mentally and physically, and growing closer to God.

A lot of people make goals for the summer, getting fit, eating right, reconnecting with themselves and God, and sticking to the objectives they set out to accomplish.  I am in the same boat.  I find it that people set these goals, but it is often so hard to stick to them because it is hard to get in the groove and make your objective a habit.  I think that most of us put the priority of having a fit or slim body ahead of having a fitness/nutritional habit.  Goals and results will not be reached without turning your goals into habits and rituals.

Start out small.  Start out realistic.  Create and establish goals that are reachable and realistic.  Do the research and ask questions to those who may be knowledgeable about the goals you are trying to reach.  Setting a goal to lose ten pounds in two weeks is unrealistic, instead try to lose ten pounds in six weeks.  In fact, try to set goals to become healthier, not skinnier.  I find it much more realistic to accomplish goals set to become healthier, then the results of slimmer will show.  Create a healthy mindset about your goals and try not to be negative about yourself or your journey.  A positive mindset will be much more effective in the long run and will help reach goals and you will be able to praise yourself for the progress you make a lot easier.

Just like a baby does not just start off running, it must learn to crawl, then stand, then slowly learn to walk, and then eventually the child learns to run.  It takes a while and a little bit at a time to create a healthy and positive attitude and lifestyle.  Maybe start with something as simple as making sure to eat a good and healthy breakfast each day to start the day off right, then take the step to eliminate soda from you diet to every other day, if you consumer soda everyday, and then you can slowly take it out of your diet more and more until you no longer depend on it.

Simple goals and objectives can make a world of a difference in the long run if you start now!  Let this be a summer of health and positivity.  Grow closer to yourself and to others, put yourself first when you really need to,  show kindness to others, and develop healthy habits not only to benefit yourself, but to also teach those around you the benefit of a healthy life.

Thanks for reading,


ps. sunsets make me happy so I thought I would share

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