Self Love

Instagram has been voted the number one social media outlet that is most harmful to mental health.  I believe this without a doubt.  How could it not be?  Skinny girls flaunting their bodies in swimsuits at the beach, rich people showing off their latest vacation spot, perfectly photo shopped and edited pictures to heighten every angle and back drop, and not to mention all the things everyone else has that you wish could be yours: those shoes, that outfit, those aesthetically appealing and healthy looking meals, that phone, or that make up.  It can be really simple to compare yourself to these people on the other side of the screen.

Depression in teenage girls has risen over the years dramatically.  With the pressure to be skinny, to fit in, and to be perfect, it is not hard to see why these young girls have such an unhealthy mental state.  Social media has become addicting and something most people cannot look away from, which means there is constant negativity circulating through the minds of these girls battling with their self worth.  These girls look at all these pictures and wonder why they don’t look like that, or what makes them not good enough to have that many followers and likes.  Why fill your mind with all this negativity when you have the control over who you follow and what you can see?

Social Media Cleanse:

Sometimes I find myself so sick and tired of the lies and deceit of these social media outlets that I will literally delete the apps off my phone for about a week at a time.  The thing about social media is that it is all fake!  People post the highlights of their lives; the best of the best.  People usually don’t post the normal things in life, most pictures have been picked from the hundreds that they took and deleted, edited, and then the caption is contemplated over for a good five minutes.  You have the choice to take a break from it all!  If you are not willing to give it up, then clean it up!  Go through who you follow, click the unfollow button if you have ever had negative thoughts about yourself while looking at their pictures.  I know what your are thinking “How will I know their every move and what is going on in their life then?”  The answer is you wont, and that is the beauty of it.  You are not obligated to follow or obsess over some ones life, that is actually part of the unhealthy aspect of this whole social media thing.

Focus on yourself, focus on rebuilding the voice in your head to be a positive one! Look at yourself in the mirror and don’t pick out all the stuff you hate about yourself and instead list all of the things that are beautiful about yourself (which is every single thing about you).  Learn to love yourself, fall in love with yourself and the person you were made to be.  Realize that you are the child of the God that made the entire universe.  He made every single detail about this Earth and Heaven and he also created you.  Is that not comforting?  God wanted you on this earth and so here you are, living and breathing.  How could you not love who you are because He for sure loves every thing about you, even the things you find not so lovable.  Fearfully and wonderfully made is how he fashioned you in your mothers womb.  Without fear. With wonder.

Detox yourself from the lies and hurt of social media, focus on the truth of your existence.  Learn to love who you are and learn to love other people.  Be comfortable with who you are and what your heart looks like.  Reteach your mind how to think in a positive aspect about everything.





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