1 Year of Nutrition Based!

Hello Everyone,

I have almost had this blog for a year! I have had some good feedback about the things I post and I hope that in some ways I have helped inform you about health and food over this past year.  Reflecting back to why I made this blog post, I wanted to be able to share and teach some of the things I had learned in my college courses about nutrition and overall help.  I also wanted to clear up rumors and false facts that you may read on Facebook or any social media platform.  Food is something so important and essential so I wanted to help in anyway I could by reaching family, friends, and followers to clear up the real from the false facts.

I think the main problem, and I have said this before, is that people are just so unaware of what is actually in our food and how it is processed.  What we feed ourselves and our families is what is killing us.  It is that serious and that simple.  Chemicals and added substances being put in our food is not being questioned by anyone, which is why this is such an alarming issue.  This is what is causing cancer to continue to progress and grow and people ask “Why is cancer still so prevalent in our lives today, and why is nothing being done?”  Although some cancers are genetic, a lot of cancer comes from the crap we put in our bodies on a daily basis.  1 in 8 women will have breast cancer, but only 1 in 10 of those women with breast cancer is from genetics, meaning 9 out of 10 breast cancers are from genetically modified foods.  WHAT?  That infuriates me.  America has one of the highest rates of cancer in the world because our food is not as regulated as all the countries with low rates of cancer.  Our food is literally killing us, and people are so unaware or they just do not care because it takes effort to make a change in your diet.

I hope that through this blog I can continue to provide information that will be eye opening to at least one of you and that it will make you consider what you actually put in your mouth and the mouths of those you care for.  This is why I am interested in this field to bring awareness to everyone through what I am learning and researching.  There are so many ways to eat balanced and healthy and still enjoy food.  The plus side to that is you will feel so much better, and even begin to look better as well.  Think before you eat!  I hope to make big changes in this food industry one day to insure everyone lives the longest life they can by being informed about the truths of food.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Here’s an avocado, enjoy your day.




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