Food is Medicine

I have honestly been trying to write this for a few months now, but felt like I couldn’t because I wasn’t really living the whole “food is medicine” lifestyle.  Due to circumstances in my life I had a lot of trouble eating.  I lost a lot of weight and didn’t look or feel so healthy.  I didn’t purposefully restrict myself from food, I physically could not get myself to eat because I always felt so nauseous and never felt hungry.  I am doing much better now and am finally eating how I used to, as well as working out and gaining the weight back.  God has done a lot of healing in me physically, mentally, and spiritually, all the glory to Him, always.

From personal experience I can truly attest to the fact that Food really is Medicine.  Food is what makes our bodies functions the way they are supposed to.  Our bodies and minds can do incredible things! By feeding our body the way that it is supposed to we can reach our full potential in functionality.  Another way to put it is food is fuel.  Just like a car need gas to run, we need a good diet to keep us going.  The things I am learning in my nutrition classes amazes me, I learn about how every nutrient, protein, fat, carb, and mineral is digested and absorbed in the body.  If one of these things is restricted, then the whole system has to make up for it and pick up the slack it is not meant to carry.  It is crazy and so amazing knowing so in depth how the body functions.

I don’t think people really grasp this concept or realize that our food is meant to fuel our bodies so that it can perform at its maximum potential.  Putting in the right things will get the output of the best results.  Our mind also benefits from nutritious foods,  it can function much more efficiently when we eat food with substantial nutrients.  I totally agree that food is meant to be enjoyed as well, balance is always key to any good diet.  Enjoy food and enjoy life!  Food is always a great way to get together with friends and family, it also tastes really good when you can go out and someone cooks for you :).

It has been about nine months since I have written one of these and I want to start doing it more often.  I lost the passion for nutrition and dietetics for a little while when I was going through a lot of stuff, but I think I’ve found it again.  Let me know if you want me to write about something specifically!  Thanks for reading, I’ll see ya next time!


Ps enjoy this really pretty sunset


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