Beware of Scams


Every day you can scroll through your social media feeds and be bombarded with ads and claims of ‘lose weight fast’ ‘Shred fat’ ‘Simple diet to lose 20 pounds in one month’ ‘drink this and lose weight’.  I am just going to be blunt and say that this is all nonsense.

A lot of the times these ads or people trying to sell a diet plan are just in it for the money.  They know that there are people out there that are not educated in the world of food and, with an enticing title, can convince anyone to buy into their scheme.  Just because they make claims and promises of loosing weight or looking skinnier does not mean it will apply to you or that it is even healthy for you.  A biggest sites for these schemes are Facebook and Pinterest, they are the worst for these ads.

An example would be Nutrisystem.  A promise or guarantee that they make is ‘Lose 13 pounds and 7 inches in your fist month!’ Well if you look closely at any ad or claim made about diets there is always an * and if you read down below they always cover themselves by saying something like ‘results not guaranteed’ or ‘results vary’.  If they did not cover up their claim with one of these statements they would have a lot of unhappy customers when they do not have the same results, some would probably even sue.

Everyone’s body is different, everyone will have different results and reactions to diet and exercise.  One of my professors also said this when we were talking about trending diets and people trying to lose weight fast, “just because you are losing weight does not mean it is healthy. ”  This is how I feel about the Keto diet, but that is a topic that I will write a whole blog on just because there is so much wrong with it 🙂

Ads may claim they will help you lose weight or help you shred fat and so on, but is it healthy?  Most likely not.  Is it a Scam?  Probably.  Are there better ways to be healthy and get in shape?  Absolutely.

Another problem is click bait, by clicking on these websites or ads, the people who own the website could be making commission just because you click the link due to ads on their website.  It is all one big scheme to make money by doing nothing.  Our society has become extremely lazy and want the easy way out for everything.  A shake that will help me lose weight while I sit here watching tv for hours? Great.  Drinking apple cider vinegar to help me lose belly fat?  Perfect.  These things do not work. It is for those people who will buy into anything in order to lose weight without actually changing their lifestyle.

The bottom line is that these ads are false advertisements in order to get your money without really helping you become healthy or achieve goals that you have set for yourself.  Do research if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle.  Actually put in the work required in order to see results, don’t take the easy way out!

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