In this blog I want to explain the lies about Keto and why it is not actually good for you.  Everyone has been asking my opinion on this and I thought I should put all the information here!  Ill try to explain everything as best as I can, but if you still have questions feel free to ask!

First of all, Keto is not a new diet at all.  Ever heard of Atkins or South Beach diet?  Yeah, it’s the same thing.  People give these fad diets a new name and make it sound awesome when in reality its just a recycled diet that has been used in the past.

I get the question “If Keto is so bad, then why am I losing so much weight?”  Yes Keto will definitely help you lose weight, but like I have stated in previous blogs, just because you are losing weight does not mean it is healthy.  You see the number on the scale going down but are you really helping your body?  Can you really call yourself healthy simply because you are strictly following a diet?

The main thing about Keto is low carb, high fat.  Have you ever heard anyone say a high fat diet is healthy.  Unless you are living in freezing temperatures and don’t know when you’ll get your next meal so you load up on animal fat to stay warm and fuller longer, you should not be eating high amounts of fats (you have to look out for you heart and arteries!).  It is also important to realize the type of fat you are consuming on the Keto diet, which would be saturated and trans fat instead of the healthy unsaturated fats from plants like olive oil and nuts.

Let’s talk about the functions of carbohydrates so we understand why restricting them is not the best thing to do to your body.  First and foremost carbs are energy! Like one of the main sources of energy for your body because it is a macronutrient!  Ribose and Deoxyribose is found in carbs which makes up DNA and RNA.  Carbohydrates help with cell membrane signaling as well as cushioning and lubrication for the body.  So not giving your body the amount of carbs it needs is restricting your body from things it definitely needs to function properly.

What happens to your body when carbs are restricted:

Acidic molecules, called ketones or ketone bodies, are produced by fat breakdown when carbs are not available to cells.  After 3 days of restriction the brain adapts to use keytones.  Keytones are essentially produced with starvation, low carb diets, and diabetes.  Keytosis is when keytones are increased in the blood and this leads to ketoacidosis, which is acidic blood from increased ketones.

When on the Keto diet, the person pees on a paper test to see that they are in ketosis, which is the state you start losing the weight.  But did you catch above that diabetes leads to keytone production?  Do you really want to be on a diet that makes your body mimic those of people with diabetes?  When in ketosis your brain thinks it is in a state of starvation from carbs, we don’t want to deprive our bodies of something it so essentially needs.  Can I make it any clearer?  The Keto diet messes with the homeostasis state of the body and mind.

When the body knows it is not getting enough carbs not only does it go into ketosis, but in order for the body to carry out its functions of cellular respiration it has to find something to replace the carbs it isn’t getting.  Your body starts by using protein in the place of carbs, which starts depleting your muscle tissue and takes the protein away from the functions it is needed to do.  It also takes away from the fat that has been stored up in your body, which is why you lose weight.  The fat and protein are not sufficient enough to carry out cellular respiration so our body is not running the way it is meant to.

Keri should definitely not be used for athletes especially. In those who are physically active or are in a sport, carbs are the main source of energy in the body. By restricting your carbs it can seriously affect your performance. To be able to compete at your best, carbohydrates are definitely the way to go!

I hope this helped clarify why Keto really is not the best option for a diet.  There are definitely healthier options when it comes to becoming healthier.  Health should always come before weight loss.  If you treat your body with kindness and give it the right foods and exercise you will feel so much better!  Keto may help you lose weight fast, but it is not going to help with being a healthy person overall.  And guess what? As soon as you get off that Keto diet you will gain all that weight back or even more weight gain than before.  Don’t put your body through this it just throws your mind for a loop.



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